Isn't It Pretty To Think So?

Dispatches on life, love and the human condition by a wanderer and hopeful romantic

Articles I’ve Written


100-Year-Old Businesses We Lost

The First Small Business Loan of the Year Goes To…

Click Here To See the Doctor

Surprise: Recessions Don’t Spark Business Startups

CIT Rises From the Ashes


To Kindle or not to Kindle?

At 10-Year Mark, Google’s Glossy Facade Shows Cracks

Gates Bids Adieu to Developers

iPhone and Me: A Love Story

Group Queues Up for iPhone 3G to Promote Organic Farming

Does Microsoft Complicate Its Licensing on Purpose?

MS Office Battles Google in the Cloud

Social Networks Link Terrorists

Robots Simulate Torture in Controversial Exhibit

Rain Doesn’t Stop Leopard from Roaring

Blog Gives Women Power Over Harassment

New Yorkers Already in (on?) Line for iPhone

Ozzie Is Key to Microsoft’s Success Against Google

What Can Google Learn From Netscape’s Downfall?

Happy Web 2.0 Christmas from Google

Will Growth Take Away Google’s Spirit?

Problems With E-Voting Reported Early in US Battleground States


Picture Him Big Time

When the Levy Breaks

Stairs Way to Heaven

Navel Gazing

Get on the Bus

Reluctant Heroes


Surfing Lessons (And Life Lessons) on the Southwest Coast of Portugal

A Guide to Surf Schools in the Algarve Region of Portugal

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