Isn't It Pretty To Think So?

A wanderer's dispatches on life, love and the human condition

About Me

lizboatI’m a professional journalist and hobbyist photographer who lives in southwest Portugal.  I have also resided in New York and Brooklyn, New York; San Francisco, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and various rural and suburban towns in Pennsylvania.

I’m a freelance writer who until recently made my living almost exclusively by writing daily news, analysis and feature stories about Microsoft and the technology industry. I’m now a freelance business, technology and culture journalist, and in my work now I’m particularly interested in the intersection of technology and society. In addition to my journalism work, I write poetry, short stories and personal essays.

I’m also a travel writer and personal essayist who brings a very human and aesthetic voice to the people and places with whom we all like to spend our down time. I have traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Australia and Central America, and am eager to keep going.

When I’m not traveling or working, I enjoy mountain biking, yoga, reading, creative writing, art, cooking, surfing and indie films and music.  I’ve also combined my master’s degree in creative writing with an interest in psychology to train with a mentor to facilitate therapeutic writing workshops.

I can sing and play several musical instruments and most sports, although none authoritatively, and am passionate about the following things, in no particular order: music, books, honesty, life’s endless possibilities and small miracles, writing, the deep blue sea, my family, nature, creativity in many forms, respect, true love, laughter, conversation, experience, loyal friends, food and Buddhism.