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And one more time for the cheap seats…

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I went to what could have been my last Microsoft press event ever today in San Francisco. It was a customer meet-up at which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the case for why business customers should buy Windows 7 even though their IT budgets are down or frozen (ie, they barely have enough money to pay their IT staff let alone give Microsoft even more of their money).

Steve was his entertaining self and really put those sales chops to work today, although I almost detected a chink in his usual armor of confidence as he pitched Windows 7 to folks in such a dismal economic climate.

But mostly it was the same old story from Microsoft — ie, this new software release is THE BEST EVER and you should totally go out and give us your last pennies to buy it AS SOON AS YOU CAN. To be fair, loads of people are already using Windows 7 and they all say they’re happy with it, but I personally don’t feel the world’s most lucrative software company should be patted on the back because they actually put out a piece of software that works well on first release.

It certainly made my heart light to think that it might be the last time I’d have to sit through one of these speeches. I know executives at large companies have to do what they have to do to keep investors happy and all of that, but I just find it a bit sad for the human beings that have to put on these dog and pony shows. It just seems so…soul-sucking.

Of course, you can probably buy a soul with the money these guys have. And since I’m about to be quite poor, I should probably not waste my time feeling very sorry for any of them!

On that note…good luck, Steve and Co.! Pretty soon I won’t have you to kick around anymore…

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I am a writer, photographer, lover, fighter, traveler and bon vivant currently residing in southwest Portugal.

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